Kamonohashi Project

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Kamonohashi Project is an international NGO based in Japan and Cambodia with its mission to eradicate child sex trafficking in the world. We started activities in 2002 and have stationed in Cambodia since 2004 in working with vulnerable people and the government.

■■ Our Mission and Policy■■
A mother asked her daughter to take the job, so the girl has decided to go to Phnom Penh with that a man who offered a job. The mother has received $50 from him. When the girl arrived in Phnom penh, she has realized that she was deceived The young girl was sold to a brothel by $50.
The room had no windows, and the door was locked from outside…. When she cried and tried to fight back, she was beaten by the watchman.

■■Our Vision:

The project aims to reduce poverty levels, and prevent commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the country.

the mission is to provide the handicraft training and life skills in order to let the vulnerable villagers be independent through sustainable employment in community factories. We also strive to work with other experienced partners to get the best results. 

To prevent Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Anti-Human Trafficking and reduce poverty in Cambodia, the objective of an organization consists of 3 major points such as:
  • To run community factory in order to provide an income generation and life skill training for the poorest women in the villages of Cambodia.
  • To strengthen law enforcement of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Anti-Human Trafficking law through cooperation with Cambodian Police.
  • To provide an education and accommodation for poor children through cooperation with other experienced partner (DNT organization in Poipet).

Kamonohashi policies
  1. We are not afraid of making mistakes, and continue challenging in order to solve this problem.
  2. We make importance on expanding sustainable programs.
  3. Your happy is our happy .We will build the relationship that beyond supporters and people in need, and which can make both of us happy.

■■ Programs ■■
Income generation: Community factory project
The pilot model of Kamonohashi’s Community Factory Project was launched in Siem Reap Province, one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia. We provide jobs and trainings to produce handicraft products at the community factory. Our aim is to run the factory independently from its own profit.

70 girls and women are learning handicrafts manufacturing. Giving them the possibility to earn a stable income and help their family is a most effective way to reduce poverty, which is the root cause of the sexual exploitation risks that many children and young girls are still facing today in Cambodia. Family can have stable income if adults are employed, and that allow children to go to school without having any worries.

You can visit our Community Factory! (Read more)

Support police trainings
If the people who buy children and women are controlled strictly, the numbers of victims who suffer from this crime will drop dramatically. The police training project LEASETC was set up by Cambodian government.

We cooperate with other supporting groups such as UNICEF, and providing financial aid to this training project.

 Support orphanage
The orphanage “Domnom Tek” protects the children who are at high risk of being sold to brothels or being trafficked to Thailand. By supporting Domnom Tek, we can prevent children to be forced into child prostitution.

■■ Our Team ■■
Co-President Sayaka Murata
"I want to stop child prostitution"

I've met the sisters who had scars from electric shocks. That’s how it started.  I have visited Southeast Asia when I was a university student. I've met the sisters aged 12 and 6 when I visited a facility that protect children who are suffering from child prostitution. Because their family was poor, they were sold to brothel, and were tortured by electric shocks and were forced to work. That is the situation they were in before they were rescued.

When I heard that numbers of children have died from HIV/AIDs after being sold to brothels or committed suicide, I could not help myself being so angry and feeling sad.

I felt so urged to do something about this matter, and in 2002, I have set up Kamonohashi project with like-minded people. We have continued to work on this issue in order to solve this serious problem.

Cambodia office Staffs (read more)

■■ Awards ■■
Vital voices of Asia summit 2010
The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) 2007
Nikkei Woman of the Year award in the leadership division 2006

■■ Our office ■■
Cambodia office
Address: Taprom St, Tropaingseh Village (Borei Prem Prei), Kork chork Commune, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap Province.
TEL +855-(0)63 967 896
E-mail cambodia [at] kamonohashi-project.net

Japan office
Address 2F Nanpeidai Sibuya Village 31-8 Sakuragaoka, Sibuya, Tokyo, Japan
TEL  +81-(0)3-6415-7744
E-mail info [at] kamonohashi-project.net
Web http://www.kamonohashi-project.net/ (Japanese Only)