Ms. Suth Sophan, 27 years old, is in charge of the Community Factory’s straw mat sewing training. She was born and lives in a village next to Kchas with her brother and mother. She had a small sewing business at home when Kamonohashi recruited her. She decided to leave her own business in order to help other poor women in the village by contributing her sewing skill at the Community Factory. She can be considered as an excellent local resource in our mission to lift small Cambodian communities out of poverty.

It was wedding time for KAMO, with two of our staff getting married these last weeks.

The first one to tie the knot was Mr. Yong Prak, Project staff member at our Community Factory, where is in charge of products sales and delivery; he is also welcoming visitors and is giving literacy classes for our trainees. His wedding to Miss Chan Malin took place on February 26th at his bride’s house in Siem Reap city.

Our other staff getting married was Miss Suth Sopharn, a trainer at the Community Factory. She celebrated her wedding with Mr. Chom Sovan, a primary school teacher, on March 8th at our Community Factory’s village, Domdek, in Sornikom District, Siem Reap Province.

A wedding in Cambodia is very colorful and filled with rituals. It used to last three days in the past; today the duration has been reduced to two days at most, but all the ceremonies have been kept. The wedding is always held at the bride’s house, where the couple will live afterwords.

The first day of the wedding started very early, with the installation of rented celebratory panels on the walls of the bride’s house and of marquees at the entrance (one for the outdoor kitchen, one for the groom, one for the guests)

The families have prepared many offerings of good and gifts. At this time the bride’s family receives a cash dowry, and the girl a wedding ring.

The couple, their families and guests gather to receive the blessings of monks.

After the monks’ prayer chanting, the parents exchange the ceremonial offerings.


Our Vision:

The project aims to reduce poverty levels, and prevent commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the country.

the mission is to provide the handicraft training and life skills in order to let the vulnerable villagers be independent through sustainable employment in community factories. We also strive to work with other experienced partners to get the best results.
To prevent Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Anti-Human Trafficking and reduce poverty in Cambodia, the objective of an organization consists of 3 major points such as:
  • To run community factory in order to provide an income generation and life skill training for the poorest women in the villages of Cambodia.
  • To strengthen law enforcement of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Anti-Human Trafficking law through cooperation with Cambodian Police.
  • To provide an education and accommodation for poor children through cooperation with other experienced partner (DNT organization in Poipet).
This is the part of the activity in our community factory project. During the household head workshop, we invite all of household head of our beneficiary to visit our factory side. Our staff introduce the activity to household head of beneficiary.

In our community factory is running handicraft product, almost products are main materials of rush and clothes. One product get through many step forward such as rush selecting, color dyeing, rush weaving, cutting, sewing, hand sewing, and quality check.

the picture below is sewing activity.  
Kamonohashi Project is an international NGO based in Japan and Cambodia with its mission to eradicate child sex trafficking in the world. We started activities in 2002 and have stationed in Cambodia since 2004 in working with vulnerable people and the government.


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Our NGO operates in two locations in Cambodia: in the capital Phnom Penh and in a village in Sout Nikom District in Siem Reap Province.

Our Phnom Penh Office is the administrative center and liaison office of Kamonohashi Project, in charge of accounting, human resources, sales & marketing, business development and IT services. Our address is: 63A, Street 456, Toul Tum Poung, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh city. All our staff members are Cambodian nationals and consist of 4 office workers, 3 security guards, and a cleaner. They are all dedicated workers who share the same values and commitment to “helping create a world in which all children can have hope for a better future”.

Kamo Phnom Penh Office’s Voice

PROM RITHY, Daytime Security Guard
Married with 4 children.

I completed junior high school in 1975, which was the first of 4 years of tragedy for Cambodia.
I joined Kamo in October 2004 and am working as daytime security guard, from Monday to Friday.
I truly feel fortunate to be working with such an international organization dedicated to helping Cambodia’ poor people and children, and I feel most thankful to Kamo for giving me the chance to become a member of their team. I wish Kamo to expand even further in order to help even more children in the years to come.

After 70 days of hard training, our 28 trainees, their 3 trainers, 5 Kamo’s staff members and 8 supporters from Japan went together on a day tour to Kulen Mountain. The trip was organized on November 3rd, 2009, to celebrate their graduation, encourage them and keep them highly motivated to continue to do their utmost to lift themselves out of poverty.

Kulen, located 60 km from Siem Reap city, is the most sacred place for the Cambodians, who go on pilgrimage to the mountain year round. There is a series of tiered waterfalls where people enjoy bathing. The sanctuary at the summit houses a giant 17-m long reclining Buddha and offers spectacular views across the surrounding forests.

The trip took longer than anticipated due to the rain, which also slowed the climbing to the top. Nevertheless, all had a wonderful time together.